Essential Safety Measures


When the construction of a building is complete, the building owner is responsible for its upkeep and maintenance, particularly its safety features or essential safety measures.

The maintenance of essential safety measures will ensure that the safety systems dealing with predominantly fire situations within the building remain at the required operational level throughout the life of the building. The type of maintenance depends on the complexity of the safety measure, equipment or feature and the experience of the person carrying out the inspection or test.

What are your essential safety measure requirements?

Compliance maintenance requirements of your air conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems are outlined in your building occupancy permit. For more information visit the Victorian Building Authority website.

Let us assist you with your ESM Compliance.

We develop site specific building manuals to ensure you comply with essential safety measure requirements. The manuals include your air conditioning and mechanical ventilation equipment service schedule, equipment Location Plan(s), inspection log sheets and essential safety measures compliance documentation.

To arrange a meeting to discuss your essential safety measures obligations call 0412 011 320

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